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Share the power of the gut

What Is The Jetson Community?

The Jetson Community is a private group of people united by their journey of healing by focusing on the power of gut health. This space was created for you - Jetson customers and friends and family of Jetson customers who are seeking support from those on similar health journeys. We hope that you share challenges and successes with one another. We encourage you to exchange tips, support and motivation and find common threads with members of our community in a supportive, nonjudgemental environment.

Conversations We're Excited About

  • PROBIOTICS 101 - From strains to seasonality - everything you need to know about probiotics and discussions on your ideal formulation.
  • AUTOIMMUNE DISORDERS - 65% of chronic disease is caused by chronic inflammation in the gut. These conversations address the ways in which gut health can lead to improvement in symptoms and flare ups. 
  • GUT HEALTH - Conversations centered around how the gut impacts our whole body. 
  • FOR PARENTS - Discussions on gut health for the little ones and how parents can set the foundations for a healthy, diverse microbiome starting at day 1. Parents, especially c-section moms and those who are feeding their little one’s formula, will have a little extra work to do in making sure their children have the gut diversity they need to stay healthy – this space is for you to share what’s working, what’s not, and ask and answer questions.

Why We Made This

In the year since we launched, we’ve heard from so many of you about how your lives have changed since you started nourishing your guts. You’ve reached out on Instagram, Facebook and even emailed us directly to let us know how great you’re feeling. 

We wanted to create a space for our community members to share tips with one another, ask and answer questions, and form relationships with people on similar journeys. Whether that's a colicky baby, switching to formula or chronic pain due to an autoimmune disorder.

About Jetson

Jetson is elevating human health through the power of the gut. The gut plays a key role in our sleep, energy, digestion, immunity and inflammation. If that sounds like a lot, that’s because it is – the gut is the control center of our body. It’s considered the second brain. An unhealthy gut can lead to poor digestion, weak immunity, chronic inflammation (which leads to 65% of chronic disease), bloating, low energy, and poor sleep, to name a few. Jetson makes overall health achievable, through probiotics created to maximize gut health.

Now, we created a community for gut health enthusiasts, like us, to connect, read the latest in gut health news, and share their health journeys.

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